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Why It’s Important to File A Property Tax Grievance

property tax

You’re a new homeowner and everything looks good; the location, the neighborhood, and even the taxes seem reasonable.  As years go on, however, the taxes increase and now they don’t seem as reasonable. The reason this occurs is because your local government assesses your taxes based on the value of comparable home prices. While these higher comparable values help your equity in the long term, they do little in the short term when it comes to your tax structure.

One important thing a homeowner can do to combat this increase is to grieve their taxes. This allows homeowners to challenge their property tax assessments and potentially lower the amount of taxes they have to pay. The best part is that this process can be done annually. Doing so minimizes the property tax assessments for the homeowner. 

The best way to grieve taxes is with a professional team who will review the property’s assessment, file a grievance on the homeowner’s behalf and represent them in the tax grievance hearing. By working with a tax grievance team, property owners can obtain a fair and accurate assessment of their property and reduce their property tax liability, bringing them peace of mind.

Here at HAC, we have a professional team solely dedicated to assisting homeowners with tax grievances.

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