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Moving? Here Are Ways to Make The Process Easier

You’ve been searching and finally found your dream home! As exciting as it is, you now will have to face the hard part…packing. If you plan it right, packing can be a very easy process!


Plan The Move

The key to being stress-free is to plan before you even start the move. By doing this, you can have plenty of time to hire movers or to rent out a truck and even have enough time to pack everything without feeling rushed. Using a moving checklist will greatly help you! There are many moving checklists online that are organized by how many weeks you have until the move.  It’s also best to have a to-do list, so you can remember to complete tasks that need to be done.

Label System

Before packing, you should create a system to sort your valuables and personal items.  Use a color code system to label the boxes with the contents (make sure to indicate fragile contents) and room destination. When you get to your new home you will know which room the boxes belong to and their respective contents.


Before you start packing, you should spend a day or two, boxing up items you no longer want, and would like to donate. One good thing is that most donations are tax deductible if no good/service was exchanged in return.

Canceling, Forwarding and Starting Services

If there’s a collection of services, subscriptions, bills and mail linked to your current address, it’s important to cancel or transfer these to your new address before the move occurs.

Pack Early

After you created your labeling system, you should start packing, at least two weeks before moving. Start by packing items you don’t regularly use, saving the more used items for last. 

Ask For Help

Packing will be draining. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Whether they help you pack for the move or give advice, any type of assistance will make the process much easier for you.

Save Money on Packing Materials

You can save money on packing materials if you use your towels and linens as padding for fragile items. Of course you can always rely on bubble wrap if these items are not available. A good source of free cardboard boxes would be any local store as many are willing to give to you rather than recycle.

Final suggestion is to try to be proactive in your moving process since waiting until the last minute will only add additional stress to an already stressful situation.  Before you know it, you will be settled in your new home and, hopefully with the tips outlined above, it will be a seamless transition.


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